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Hexaudia #7 - Superheroes & Action Figures: The Rise & Fall of the Blockbuster Film

Host: Johnny Gagnon Jr & Ben Chadwick

Johnny & Ben discuss the endless run of superhero movies, and how they are  leaving little room for any other types of films.  They also talk about the brilliance behind them, why they are so flawed, and the evolution of the Blockbuster film.

1. 1:01- Intro
2. 3:55 - DC
3. 17:40-  Marvel
     25:20  *Intermission*
4.  27:16 - Blockbusters of Old
5.  35:45 - Where do the Small Films Go
6.  59:05 - The Six: The Best Superhero Films

***Retraction: Fargo was not and is not a Miramar Film***
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