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Hexaudia #10: Body Work: Jonathon Glazier Part 2 w/ Ben Chadwick

Hosts: Ben Chadwick & Johnny Tomekin 

Ben & Johnny finish their disunion on Jonathon Glaziers body of work when they discuss his last two films Birth and Under the Skin

1.  Birth / Overall thoughts (01:30)
2.  Birth / Breakdown (04:58)
3.  Birth / Acting & Final Thoughts (16:24)
    *Intermission (21:40)  *
4.  Under the Skin / Overall Thoughts (23:30)
5.  Under the Skin / Criticisms (34:55) 
6.  Under the Skin / underlying meaning (51:50) Hexaudia.com
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Hexaudia #9 - Body of Work: Jonathon Glazier Part 1 w. Ben Chadwick

Host: Ben Chadwick & Johnny Gagnon Jr. (Johnny Tomekin)

Ben and Johnny direct Jonathon Glazier's career and catalogue film by film
1. Jonathon Glazier Intro (0:35)
2.Patient Filmmakers (3:50)
3. The Importance of Brevity  (6:01)
4. Sexy Beast Overview (9:47)
5. Sexy Beast Characters (14:40)
6. Sexy Beast Symbolism (24:25)
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Hexaudia #7 - Superheroes & Action Figures: The Rise & Fall of the Blockbuster Film

Host: Johnny Gagnon Jr & Ben Chadwick

Johnny & Ben discuss the endless run of superhero movies, and how they are  leaving little room for any other types of films.  They also talk about the brilliance behind them, why they are so flawed, and the evolution of the Blockbuster film.

1. 1:01- Intro
2. 3:55 - DC
3. 17:40-  Marvel
     25:20  *Intermission*
4.  27:16 - Blockbusters of Old
5.  35:45 - Where do the Small Films Go
6.  59:05 - The Six: The Best Superhero Films

***Retraction: Fargo was not and is not a Miramar Film***
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Hexaudia #5: Remakes & Reboots w/ Eben Stickney

Topic: Remakes & Reboots

Host: Johnny Gagnon Jr 

Guest: Eben Stickney from Cut of the Jib
1. Remakes
2. Reboots
3. Yay & Nay: Potential Remakes
4. Film Vault: Ghostbusters
5. Time Capsule: Snick
6. The Six: Best Remakes & Reboots
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Hexaudia Episode #4 Film Vs. Digital w/ Ben Chadwick

Johnny and Ben discuss the battle in the film world right now, film vs digital. They also discuss Hateful Eight and the future of cinema,John carpenter's 'The Thing' and the best movies of 2015.

Host: Johnny Gagnon Jr. 

Co-Host: Ben Chadwick
1. Film (0:46)
2. Digital (10:11)
3. Future of Cinema (24:03)
*intermission* (32:11)
4. Film Vault #1: John Carpenter's 'The Thing' (34:22)
5. The Element of Surprise (46:12)
6. The Six: Best Films of 2015
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Hexaudia Shorts 1- Star Wars Sound

Star Wars Sound explores the brilliance of the sound design in Star Wars and how audio is incredibly crucial when creating a world from nothing. Originally aired on Hexaudia Episode #2 - Star Wars. 

Host: Johnny Gagnon Jr.
Produced by: Johnny Gagnon Jr.
Sound and Music is owner by Lucas Film Ltd.n and Walt Disney Studios but was used in accordance of Fair Use, as a matter of educating and critiquing. 
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Hexaudia Episode #2: Star Wars w/ Nick Salve, Dave Smith, & Dave Blewett

Even if you don't love Star Wars, you will enjoy this episode. There is something for everyone, as we talk to a filmmaker who just watched A New Hope for the first time, explore what it takes to create a galaxy from scratch, and dismantle The Force Awakens in an attempt to better understand it. 

Host: Johnny Gagnon Jr., Nick Salve,  Dave Smith, & Dave Blewett
1. Star Wars Sound (1:31)
2. Nostalgic or Good: A discussion with a Star Wars Virgin w/ Nick Salve (6:15)
3. Playing God: Creating A New World from Nothing (17:55)
*Intermission / Kid Talk #2: Star Wars (29:34)*
4. The Force Awakens *Spoilers*  w/ Dave Smith & Dave Blewett (30:56)
5. The Prequels v. The Saga *Spoilers* w/ The Daves (59:08)
6. The Six: Stars Wars Ranked w/ The Daves (1:26:12)
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